I’m reposting a bit of my e-introduction on HASTAC here. I talk about my paper at #QOHH (you can read my tweets here) and my talk last night at Scripps College! I’m winning!

It’s been a whirlwind of conferences and speaking this semester and it’s not done yet! I’ve been invited to several conferences and asked to prepare talks, which have all been excellent! Y’all junior scholars are the business!

In trying to makes sense of the seemingly disparate academic spaces I’ve been attending and the writing I’ve been doing, I’m reminded of Renina Jarmon’s aphorism “Black girls are from the future.” It’s actually the best way for me to sum up my research and life interests. “Black girls are from the future” is why I attend academic and non academic conferences including the Allied Media Conference, ThatCamp CHNM, most recently Queerness of Hip Hop and ASALH, and in my future, ASA and MLA.

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